RAPID TRANSFER PORTS RTP systems for aseptic production processes


alpha Ports - #ChooseYourShape

Customized solutions for your individual requirements: we support you in the optimization of your process, workflow and handling with RTP-systems. Explore our range of transfer systems!

The castus alpha Port iCON Fully automatable for Pharma 4.0

No glove intervention, with optimized cleanability.

The castus alpha Port Better safe then sorry

The transfer lock with smart safety mechanism.

The castus Rotating alpha Port Safety in every detail

The ergonomic solution for the docking process.

The castus Roto alpha Port Safety without compromise

Easy and safe connection of two isolators.

The castus Lowered alpha Port Safety during transfer

Lowerable and usable horizontally.

The alpha Port Flushfloor Reliable and individually tailored

Flush to floor transfer lock.