Lowered alpha Port

Do large vessels in your working area have to be docked under the isolator?

Then the Lowered alpha Port is just the right system for you! Find out now!


Safety during transfer: The castus Lowered Apha Port Lowerable and usable horizontally

The lowered alpha Port is functionally the equivalent of the Rotating alpha Port but is fitted horizontally.
With its downward movement and rotary function the docking procedure is carried out by the lowerable alpha Port.

Applications for the Lowered alpha Port

The lowered alpha Port is used especially for the docking procedure of large material containers under the isolator. Is this your work? Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you on the subject Transfer lock and its different possibilities and systems.


Technical data Special requests possible on request

Diameter: 190mm

Door leaf: PE-HD, PE-EL, 316L

Main frame: 316 L

Seal: silicone

System: CSIS ( castus safety interlock system ) – patentierte Sicherheitsverriegelung

Your advantages


Complete Port can be lowered up to 70 mm


Easy operation thanks to ergonomically positioned handles


Hygienic design - swivel bearing and springs are encapsulated


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