beta Equipment Transfer containers for applications with the highest requirements

Transfer systems from castus are developed with our customers in mind to address real-world challenges and improve work processes - such as handling an RTP (190 mm) with integrated beta Drawer and Rack System for loading pumps, product tanks, pre-assembled filling needles and various other components.

Fully autoclavable. Customized solutions designed for your needs!

The castus beta Container 316L Simple, safe and contamination free

Perfect loading and unloading of components.

The beta Transfer Container – PE Minimize risks

The transfer container with lip seal.

The beta Liquid Transfer Container Better safe than sorry

For liquid transfer.

The beta Liner PE Safe and uncomplicated unloading

For contaminated material and waste.

The castus beta False Container Simple and safe

For the decontamination process with hydrogen peroxide.

The beta flange for adaption a stainless steel flange for your vessel

Hereby your product is integrated into the alpha/beta system.