ALPHA PORT SQ Transfer port You have the vision - we realize it.

Do you require a safe and contamination-free transfer process?

The castus alpha Port SQ is the ideal system for you then!

castus RTP systems provide aseptic transfer processes and good cleanability. No matter how planning intensive your project is, we support you in turning your ideas and vision into reality. 

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Better safe then sorry: The castus alpha Port SQ The transfer port with smart safety mechanism

The castus alpha Port is fitted in the isolator system wall and serves as a transfer port for the contamination-free loading or unloading of components in or out of the isolator.

High personal and product protection with the castus alpha Port SQ The castus alpha Port SQ

Our patented castus Safety Interlock System (CSIS) prevents the improper operation of the lock and ensures a high personal and product protection. The door of the alpha Port can only be opened after the beta part has been docked correctly. The beta part can only be undocked after the alpha Port door has been closed.


Technical Data Special requests possible on request

Diameter: 190 - 460 mm

Installation diameter: 268 - 537 mm

Material alpha door: PE-HD, PE-EL, 316L

Main frame: 316L

Seal: silicone or EPDM

System: CSIS (castus safety interlock system)

Advantages of the latest generation at a glance


reduction of moving parts


complete sealing of the CSIS


optimized for WIP


double sealed door


reduction of outside diameter and height

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