...And here it is: The new alpha Port iCON Revolutionary! The simple handling solution for automating your processes

Are you ready for the future? The alpha Port iCON is the easy way to your automated transfer process in pharmaceutical production.

The iCON series impresses with its simple operation, slow door opening to have little influence on the laminar flow, optimized cleanability, no undercuts and significantly reduced interfering contours.

Discover all highlights of the fully automatable alpha Port iCON!

Unbeatable in every respect The alpha Port iCON sets new standards in the automation of RTP systems

The innovative concept enables high flexibility and ergonomics in operation, a particle reduction in the docking and undocking process, and high process reliability thanks to status monitoring of the alpha Port. The perfect solution for demanding environments in isolators.

Operational scenario Automated processes, sampling, stopper-cap loading, all types of solids and liquids

Your options: The alpha Port iCON is available in 190, 270 mm and Fushfloor versions. The drive can be mounted every 30 degrees and the door stopper can be adjusted individually to avoid damages by the door. The opening speed is adjustable, also differentiated to the respective operating section.


Technical Data Special requests possible on request

Diameter: 190 - 270 mm

Material alpha door: 316L

Main Frame: 316L

Seal: silicone or EPDM

System: CSIS (castus safety interlock system)

Advantages of the latest generation at a glance


High flexibility: Hand crank or electric motor


Easy and ergonomic operation


Particle reduction in docking process


High process reliability thanks to status monitoring


High safety thanks to selflocking door


Sizes 190, 270 mm and Flushfloor version available