Leak test unit

Fast and safe leak test and data logging of beta transfer containers in the size 105-350.

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castus leak test unit Custom – fit and tailored to your needs

The castus leak test unit allows a fast and safe leak testing and data logging of the beta transfer container (PE and 316L) in the size 105 – 350. The integrity of the container can be verified before and after production cycles and between individual processes (e.g. autoclaving). The testing is done according to the pressure drop method and takes less than 4 minutes. The leak test unit is operated by touch screen or handheld scanner. The scanner determines through the barcode on the container what test programme  to start.

The result is visible immediately by the operator on the touch screen.

Detailed test rePort through printer or usb stick

The data of the test rePort is sent to a printer or usb stick and includes the test results as well as the inspection requirements, item number, description, serial number and the name of the tester and the test equipment specifications. Predetermined standard test programmes are included. Customised test programmes can be made available.

Mobile and easy to clean

The stainless steel case is easy to clean and fitted with castors for on site inspections.
Thanks to a separate test Port the container can also be tested in horizontal position.

Do you have questions about our castus leak test unit test procedure? Please contact us at any time, we will be glad to advise you.

Technical Data Special requests possible on request

Test method: Pressure drop method

Test pressure: -4000 Pa to +4000 Pa

Test rePort: on screen, via printer or USB stick

Testable containers: 105 - 350 (PE and 316L)

Your Advantages


Easy to clean


Fit stainless steel housing with rollers to enable on-site testing


Customer-specific test programs are possible


Test is performed according to the pressure drop method and takes less than four minutes.


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