beta Single Use

Do you require a single use system for loading or unloading of components?

Look no further! The castus Single Use system ist just the perfect solution for you!


A safe matter: The castus Single Use System One – time loading of components

The castus single use system (CSU) is for single use only and is intended for the loading of pre-sterilized components or the unloading of contaminated waste.

castus PE or Tyvek film bags

The castus bags are available in PE foil for sterilization by radiation or in Tyvek foil that can be autoclaved. Upon request the CSU is delivered already gamma – sterilized.

Do you have questions on the functionality or need additional literature? Please contact our team!!

Technical Data Special requests possible on request

Useful diameter: 190 mm

Filling quantity: up to max. 100l

Flange: PE-HD

Version: sterile or non-sterile

Seal: silicone or EPDM

Film: PE-HD, PE-EVOH, Tyvek

Your advantages


Presterilized bags (gamma)


Gamma and ETO indicator point


Removable handles


Weitere Produkte


The castus beta Container 316L Simple, safe and contamination free

Perfect loading and unloading of components.


beta liner PE Safe and uncomplicated unloading

For contaminated material and wastes.


Cage Stopfenhandling für kleine Chargen

Die Alternative zu unseren Single Use Produkten.